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  • Not to be that person

    I heard of Americans being bad travelers abroad, and just figured that it was talked up. It is not.

    As an American myself, I saw so many horrid and mean people while we were traveling. Not all, mind you, but there were whole groups of people who just acted selfish, entitled, and just overall not caring about other customs.

    I had one woman who was trying to use an ATM and just could not get it. Instead of casually asking for help, she screams in the ATM room “DOES ANYONE SPEAK ENGLISH?!” A poor couple behind them said “A little…” and she said “OH THANK GOD. This language…”

    I had other people who just ignored customs when ordering food, or allowing people to walk around, pushing, shoving. The worst though is how they talk down to locals and their customs. Inherently they assume that different is bad, and that they are inconvenienced by having to do local custom things. Like ordering food, knowing that their pace is slower, or that their waiter isn’t going to coddle them through ordering.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I was shocked by it all, and felt disappointment. I also felt like I immediately understood why other countries hate us.

  • Oh absolutely, the meme is stupid for sure. it’s just redirecting the public to think that it’s not a huge deal. My point is that we’re not “off the hook” because other people are worse. Even just at 20%, we should actively work to become greener, and those are incremental. Think about a heat pump instead of a gas furnace (or maybe a dual fuel). Think about taking the bus or walking vs driving. Etc etc."

    However, the focus should be absolutely on the major polluters, those people are assholes and should be held accountable. In my book, things like the hurricane in Texas or the tornadoes across the midwest were directly because of the oil companies - and they should be held accountable for the destruction they allowed to happen.

  • I’ll be honest man, just don’t do it. I tried, I really did, to make this exact scenario to work. You can get it to work - but it will be extremely brittle. You’re essentially hacking around LXC to do things it wasn’t built to do, and most of it is disabling security that’s there for a reason. At the end of the day you are essentially running docker directly on the host anyway, the passthrough lxc becomes less and less “there” vs passing stuff through. Then, every update to proxmox became anxiety riddled because every update would change or break something on my setup.

    If you want to continue, more power to you, but I hope you heed my warnings. This is a path you will spend a lot of time on and experience a lot of frustration. Spin up a tiny debian VM and run the containers there, the overhead of the VM has been negligible, and any speedup I might have had has been made up 10x by cutting the amount of time I’ve had to hack proxmox to make it work.

  • I’m not a fan of all or nothing, I think there’s a place for a well trained police force. Look at Europe and the UK, they aren’t armed, but they have power still. Someone has to take care of the person who stole a car and is speeding down the freeway going 100+, crisis councilors aren’t going to be driving trying to perform a PIT maneuver.

    I think it’s a blend, in my example the police would bring them into custody, and then trained people work with them after that working out what happened and working with the justice department. There are many things that police aren’t needed at, like domestic issues, but there are plenty we do need them at too. (However, reforming the police needs to happen, I’m not saying they are perfect right now.)

  • Facebook people just casually ignore that we can do both too. This meme is definitely supposed to involve feelings of “stupid liberals” same as the arguments with EVs with “do you know where your electricity comes from hahaha stupid liberal”.

    They never think we can do both. That is as individuals should start getting familiar with being more eco focused while also holding the heaviest polluters responsible. That they are not mutually exclusive.

    Humans are fickle. In this meme we can say both the singer is good for promoting eco friendliness, but bad for being a large polluter. People don’t fit into black and white boxes. Facebook though, has completely monetized that theory

  • Purely from a cloud aspect here, they’re making sure that separate GCP instances are completely private, I see some benefits if you have users who are HIPAA users making sure that data isn’t shared or trained on at all. It’s good they’re thinking of this, but it’s just from a company perspective.

    For users it means very little though. Google isn’t going to make private AI for us to use. This is purely if they have a health provider (for example) on GCP they can use models in a private way.