Hello I’m Seb. I love my partner and our lil doggy. We got the dog to replace our son who left. Can’t blame him, he grew up and doesn’t want us to tell him to do homework anymore. When I need to pay the bills, I’m a creative professional of 30+ years.

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  • You guessed it with booklets or anything long format really.

    As a 20+ year Adobe user, I tried switching about a year ago. Seems like the only way to give it proper go, was to dive in head first and force myself to exclusively use Affinity. Of course there’s a bit of a (frustrating) learning curve but overall it went pretty smooth. I genuinely thought I was going to make it work.

    That was until I had to setup a 40 page catalog. Ran into various minor issues, but not insurmountable. IIRC the main issue that ultimately made me go back to InDesign was the handling of support assets and glitches as the catalog got more “heavy” with stuff.

    I think I would have stuck with Affinity if I could go back and forth between Publisher/InDesign, but I couldn’t take what I started with and finish in the other app.

  • No worries Max, our year’s sub is coming up in a month or two and we won’t resub. Planned to cancel anyway with the rate hikes. Congrats on your successful entshittification.

    We’ve gone back to buying media (especially used on eBay) and putting it on our own server. Plus our Google TV also provides a boat load of free streams when we want something else or something random from our server.

    The more the streaming greed grows, the more every single C-suite executive can fuck right off.