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  • Yes absolutely. There’s a slight shift of tone in regards to journalism. A lot of takes definitely come off more neutered as to not offend a company or lose favor. It’s unfortunate. But then again, I’m not interested in ragebait so it wasn’t a big thing for me. And other sites (and social media) do it already.

    They still go into fresh perspectives. Random things like are audio logs a good mechanism for storytelling. Or the best item in Skyrim (which is filled with such cheeky humor to invite friendly arguments)

    And some of the newer hires still haven’t found their RPS voice. They’re trying “too hard” to be zany.

    I am still looking for a gaming blog that takes gaming mildly seriously. Ones willing to have both AAA games and incredibly tiny indie games on the front page, sprinkled with opinionated posts about their favorite book covers in RPGs, or if highlighted interactive items is good UI.