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  • XP was the response to Linux. Before that, windows was a crash fest, remember 98, or Millennium?

    Linux was rock stable, so microsoft had to do something and started yo use their server core in the home version of windows.

    They just realized trying to maintain NT and 9x core was foolish. Trying to put the hardware abstraction layer from Windows 2000 (NT 5) into 9x for Millennium Edition was AWFUL. So they scrapped the entire idea of a separate home core, 9x died, and Windows XP (NT 5.1) was born.

    But NT was already good. Windows 2000 SP4 was a fantastic OS for its time, as was XP.

    Gotta remember that the 9x core versions (95, 98, ME) were (in some ways) practically a separate OS masquerading as Windows.

  • Most people answer teacher, but the answer is that Paige is overwhelmingly more likely to be a farmer. Simply because there are orders of magnitude more farmers than teachers in the world.

    But are there more farmers named Paige or teachers named Paige?

    I can’t imagine Paige is a common name in many of the countries which still rely on subsistence farming, where farming will be a far more prevalent occupation. In the US, where Paige is a relatively common name, there are around twice as many teachers as farmers according to my very brief (and probably not super accurate) research.

    Also I imagine that worldwide, farmers will skew male more than female. Just like how teachers probably skew more female than male. Note I didn’t bother to look for statistics for this, this is just a guess.

    If you were to not name a person or gender and just say “is this person more likely to be a teacher or farmer,” then sure, farmer. But we’ve limited our base group of people to women named Paige. Surely that adjusts the probability.

  • To make it even less likely that someone will be able to get it unscrewed without having the right set.

    They’re not perfect, obviously, but they do harden a target more than regular Torx.

    I use tamper resistant screws to keep an AirTag on my eBike to discourage its removal. Obviously a determined thief could remove it, but lots of stolen bikes get abandoned anyway. My hope is that if it gets stolen it gets abandoned and I can find it then.

  • Coco is probably my favorite Pixar movie. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s and near the end he was largely unable to communicate but still knew how to sing and remembered words to songs.

    When Mama Coco sings at the end it broke me. I cried harder than I’ve probably ever cried in my adult life. It felt incredible. I realized I hadn’t really ever mourned my grandfather, because his death was years of slowly fading away. Such a powerful catharsis.

  • Have you ever wondered why restaurants on or near mountain summits don’t offer pasta? That’s because while the cooking water up there is boiling, it is not hot enough to cook pasta.

    I did not wonder this, because I’ve yet to eat at a summit restaurant, but that’s fascinating. Does this matter much in a town like Breckenridge (9600ft) or Aspen (8000ft), or does it only really become a factor once you get up to the summits?

    Can a restaurant in Leadville, CO (elevation 10,158ft or 3,096m, highest incorporated city in the US) cook pasta? Or would it require an unappetizing amount of salt?

    Does season make a difference? Like, the density altitude is surely lower in winter than it is in summer.

    I have so many questions!

    Edit: okay it sounds like you just have to boil it longer because the water isn’t as hot. It still cooks, just takes more time.